Arable’s crop and weather sensor, Pulsepod, aims to make farming predictable

 A Princeton, New Jersey startup called Arable Labs Inc. recently unveiled a professional-grade crop and weather sensor that’s solar powered, rugged and was designed by Fred Bould, the creative talent … Continue Reading →


The US Throws Away as Much as Half Its Food Produce

The demand for ‘perfect’ fruit and vegetables means much is discarded, damaging the climate and leaving people hungry. The post The US Throws Away as Much as Half Its Food … Continue Reading →

Trace Genomics launches a 23andMe for farms, raises $4 million to improve the world’s food supply

 A San Francisco startup called Trace Genomics wants to help farmers diagnose and improve the health of the soil where they want to raise crops before it’s harvest time and … Continue Reading →

ProducePay raises $2.5M to bring cashflow to farmers

 ProducePay has raised $2.5 million to solve what CEO Pablo Borquez Schwarzbeck said is a major issue for farmers — getting paid in a timely manner for their crops. Borquez … Continue Reading →

Japan’s e-commerce leader Rakuten gets into agriculture tech

 Rakuten may be cutting back its e-commerce business in Europe and Southeast Asia, but, at home in Japan, the internet giant is stepping into a new field — quite literally … Continue Reading →