One professor’s quest to 3D scan every fish in the sea

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This Artist 3D Printed a Ghostly, Life-Size Motorcycle

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This 3D Printing Contest Wants You to Design the Next Accessibility Device

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Whatever happened to 3D printing?

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Students’ 3D-printed fungarium and Martian mini-farm win NASA ‘Star Trek Replicator Challenge’

 NASA believes the children are our future. Why else would it ask them for ideas about how to feed astronauts in 2050? The nationwide “Star Trek Replicator” contest that began … Continue Reading →

Here’s to Simple Builds: Or How a Door Stop Changed Our Lives

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XYZprinting’s new 3D printer is designed for the classroom

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Monster-B-Gone Keeps Kids Safe from Creepy Bedroom Critters

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The future of 3D-printed prosthetics

 The recent ubiquity of 3D printers and innovations in prosthetic design, manufacturing and distribution offer a viable solution for the millions of people living with limb loss around the world. … Continue Reading →