An MIT Algorithm Predicts the Future by Watching TV

Using neural networks and shows like “The Office” and “Big Bang Theory,” CSAIL’s system was able to predict how actors were about to greet each other. The post An MIT … Continue Reading →


LA’s New Skyslide Is in Good, Heart-Attack-Inducing Company

Cubes slide out from buildings, windows tilt out. Heart attacks are waiting to happen on top of today’s towers. The post LA’s New Skyslide Is in Good, Heart-Attack-Inducing Company appeared … Continue Reading →

After oil, Norway looks to startups for economic growth

 Politicians responding to the oil troubles are heeding calls for a new way forward, centered around startups. And the efforts to foster a new approach are led by an ambitious … Continue Reading →

Georgetown Institute launches real-time study of smartphone fertility app use

In what is believed to be the first study of its kind, researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center’s Institute for Reproductive Health are recruiting as many as 1,200 women to … Continue Reading →

Britain Rattles Postwar Order and Its Place as Pillar of Stability

A historic vote to leave the European Union is raising questions about the future of the post-1945 order imposed on the world by the United States.

European Leaders Tell a Dazed Britain to Get Going on ‘Brexit’

There were clear indications Saturday of a tense and bickering divorce, as European leaders urged Britain to hurry up and begin its departure.

‘Brexit’ in America: A Warning Shot Against Globalization

Britain’s vote to leave the E.U. may not bring recession to the U.S., but it could mark the end of a period of economic integration and open markets.

The Interpreter: After ‘Brexit,’ 3 Centuries of Unity in Britain Are in Danger

The United Kingdom is what the European Union aspired to be but never became: a multinational state. The vote to leave the union may push Scotland and Northern Ireland to … Continue Reading →

U.S. Presidential Race: ‘Brexit’ Revolt Casts a Shadow Over Hillary Clinton’s Cautious Path

Mrs. Clinton offers messages about stability that are similar to the ones put forth by the defeated “Remain” campaign in Britain’s referendum on leaving the European Union.

Is ‘Brexit’ the Precursor to a Donald Trump Presidency? Not So Fast

Some impulses that drove the vote to leave the European Union are at play in the presidential race, but the differences are just as stark.

Trump Packs His Blunt Phrase Book Abroad

In Scotland a day after Britain voted to leave the European Union, Mr. Trump said things that would have set off backlash for almost any other candidate.

Bottom Line Nation | Part 1: When You Dial 911 and Wall Street Answers

Since the 2008 financial crisis, private equity firms have increasingly taken over public services like emergency care and firefighting, often with dire effects.

The hungry consumer and the software pivot

 The internet has become a lonely space, and consumers are hungry for something new. We don’t talk much anymore about new processors, video cards and faster dialup modems — at … Continue Reading →

When the Name Was Trump, Buyers Saw a Surer Thing

Several enterprises stamped with the Trump brand have been accused of preying upon desperation, inexperience or vanity.

Telecoms open shop on Madison Avenue, but will brands buy?

 Many companies have transformed and realigned their focus with great success. Avon transitioned from peddling books door-to-door to marketing beauty products. Wrigley started as a soap and baking soda company. … Continue Reading →

A Born-Again Donald Trump? Believe It, Evangelical Leader Says

James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, says Mr. Trump recently came “to accept a relationship with Christ” and was now “a baby Christian.”

Governments must embrace the Information Age or risk becoming obsolete

 Thirty-six years ago, futurist Alvin Toffler wrote The Third Wave, outlining the inevitable transition from a “Second Wave,” characterized by an industrial society, to a “Third Wave,” characterized by what … Continue Reading →

Last Chance to Share What You Make at the Largest Maker Gathering in Europe

There are still a few days left to submit your application to exhibit as a maker at the largest show and tell in Europe. The fourth annual Maker Faire Rome … Continue Reading →

How Seesaw accidentally became a teacher’s pet at 1/4 of US schools

 Seesaw’s educational app lets students save and share their assignments with their teachers, parents, and fellow classmates. They just snap a photo or video, draw, or write. But rather than … Continue Reading →

Making a Convincing Ant Man Helmet Out of Found Materials

Mikaela Holmes improvises a sweet Ant Man helmet using trash and found objects. Read more on MAKE The post Making a Convincing Ant Man Helmet Out of Found Materials appeared first … Continue Reading →

Novelist John Sundman talks CRISPR, genetics, and logic bombs

 Novelist John Sundman is a national treasure. His best work, Acts of the Apostles, predicts CRISPR, advanced genetic engineering, and chip-based Trojan Horses and his writing is at once dense … Continue Reading →

Seoul’s new traffic signs warn of the dangers of texting while walking

 The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced traffic and pedestrian signs alerting the danger of using smartphones while walking on the street, soon to be installed in five areas of the South Korean … Continue Reading →

You can help stop human trafficking with the TraffickCam app

 TraffickCam is an app developed by the Exchange Initiative, an organization fighting back against sex trafficking. The goal of the new app is to build a national database of photos … Continue Reading →

Weekend Watch: Tiny Home Living with the Von Thompsons

The Von Thompsons are living a charmed life in Washington in their converted school bus tiny home. See how they make small living spaces. Read more on MAKE The post … Continue Reading →

Latin America’s chronic inefficiency could drive more O2O commerce growth

 There are numerous daily tasks that can be solved with ease in the U.S. In comparison, the lack of training, standardization and process in Brazil creates chronic inefficiencies in the … Continue Reading →

The dredge report: being an account of an expedition into the hyperreality of the California Delta

 It has occurred to me that perhaps TechCrunch pays insufficient attention to slurry, sediment, silt, mud, and muck; to canals, earthworks, levees, dikes, dredges, and the Army Corps of Engineers; … Continue Reading →

Alphabet expands Google Fiber and introduces a new robot video

Alphabet is a big, busy company. Google Fiber is acquiring an ISP while Alphabet-owned Boston Dynamics unveils the awesome Spot Mini robot.

Students are demanding the facts about coding bootcamps

 It’s been a remarkable rise so far, but for coding bootcamps to become mainstream they must prove that the outcomes they advertise are real. In 2012 coding bootcamps began offering … Continue Reading →


Security News This Week: Brexit Edition (Hey, at Least Bitcoin Is OK)

Each Saturday we round up the news stories that we didn’t break or cover in depth at WIRED, but which deserve your attention nonetheless. The post Security News This Week: … Continue Reading →

The app boom is not over

 There’s a new wave of reporting focused on the post-app era. Recode announced “The app boom is over.” Quartz points out how most users never download any apps. Let me … Continue Reading →


This Is One Seriously Cool Garage-Door Opener. Seriously.

The Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener lets you add a Bluetooth speaker, some lasers, and a battery pack to its modular base unit. The post This Is One Seriously Cool … Continue Reading →

The last driver license holder

 Say hello to Liam. He recently celebrated his first birthday. Not only is he a cutie, he is the last person to get a driver license. Impossible? Not in your … Continue Reading →


How the House Sit-In Went Down, From the People Who Made It Happen

Members of Congress livestreamed nearly every minute of their historic 26-hour sit-in. This is how government works now. The post How the House Sit-In Went Down, From the People Who … Continue Reading →

“Let me see your phone”

 Here’s one for your Friday. An older video, unearthed by Twitter user @iamjamajesty a few days ago has been blowing up on the network. This group poem, performed by Morgan “MoMo” Butler and … Continue Reading →

Faraday Future says it is also making an autonomous car

 Chinese-backed electric car maker Faraday Future says it is working on a self-driving vehicle. The company not so secretly owned by LeTV joins a growing list of tech companies making autonomous cars, … Continue Reading →


Brexit Could Make Space Boffins All Topsy Wopsy, Innit?

Space transcends political boundaries, but access to it is still subject to the decisions made here on Earth. The post Brexit Could Make Space Boffins All Topsy Wopsy, Innit? appeared … Continue Reading →


A Gold-Leaf Brain Lights Up With the Awesome Complexity of Neurons

“When you have this gigantic thing looming in front of you with the lights draping over it and it’s just exploding with activity, even a little kid can look at … Continue Reading →


A Few Thor: Ragnarok Updates, Straight From Its Director

The director is hard at work on his new Marvel project. Here’s what he had to say about the movie so far. The post A Few Thor: Ragnarok Updates, Straight … Continue Reading →

Ladar Levison finally confirms Snowden was target of Lavabit investigation

 Ladar Levison’s three-year fight for freedom to speak about the government order that shuttered Lavabit, his secure email service, is finally over. Levison was finally able to confirm today that Lavabit was … Continue Reading →


While You Were Offline: What Twitter Talks About When It’s Not Talking Brexit

A whole lot of ridiculousness went down online this past week, but most of it disappeared as soon as news broke that the UK had voted to leave the EU. … Continue Reading →